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"Do you not know your body is a temple..." 1 Cor 6: 19-20

Fitness empowers. Fitness strengthens. Fitness is freedom.


Since I was a young girl, I have embraced fitness. Everything from summer camps, basketball to sailing, dancing, and hiking. In my first year after high school, I worked in fitness and fell in love with the feeling within it provides.


Although I struggled for years with my weight, which were battles I had to fight from within, I completed sprint triathlons, century bike rides, and trained with multiple trainers.


When I found Herbalife, the #1 Global Nutritional Brand of 34 years, I not only finally lost all my weight with the help of Team Edge amazing coaches, but I started becoming who I was meant to be. I found a vehicle with the inspiring Team Herbaheroes for my journey and for helping others.  The joy and passion I have for sharing this with others to change their lives is incredible.


The clarity I have from my mind and health now is like I have never had. It has led to the development of Fit Life, a Wellness Program. It has also led to the creation of my blog, and 7 Brands coming over the next seven years.


My journey has evolved in many directions.

It isn't a deadend if it takes you were you needed to go. 


This is truly the best life ever.




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